Notes on Xmx, Xms and Xss JVM memory tuning

A 32 bit JVM process can  have a theoretical max heap size of 4 GB based on simple unsigned arithmetic.  However, it varies according to OS, and most OS limit it to 2-3 GB. [1]
The options -Xms, -Xmx configure the available Java Heap memory which is a portion of the total memory allocated for  the JVM process by the underlying OS.

According to the HotSpot JVM spec,  a Java thread maintains a single stack for the native code as well as Java code [2] and  therefore such a thread actually is a  native OS thread with its own stack. The -Xss option can be used to configure the native stack size.  The point is: the memory required for Java threads is deducted from the JVM  process’ memory but not from the Java Heap.  In other words,  if you see a “java.lang.OutOfMemoryError :unable to create new native thread” , consider adjusting your Xmx/ms( reduce it ) and Xss (reduce it as well, if the change in Xmx/ms does not work)  according to the following equation –

JVM memory = Xmx+(nos of threads)*Xss + any other memory requirement( e.g. PermGen space, etc.)

Note that default value of Xss depends on the OS , typically 256k-512k [3].


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