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DIY – Your Rottentomatoes Ratings System for Redbox Movies

NOTE: Finally developed a Chrome plugin called Tomato Box out of this post! You can download it from Chrome Web Store, here.  Update: My friend Pemba has made several enhancements to it, and ported the plugin for Firefox browser. You can … Continue reading

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How to scare off a Java developer without a pointer ?

Ask him this.  What will the following program print ?  If he says zero ask him 🙂 how you will make it to print 1 with a single line change ?Don’t  allow him to 1) change the std::cout line 2) … Continue reading

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DIY – Your Minimal Media Server with Node.js and Content Scripts

This entry  is about a tool that can mine the music blogs for youtube videos, and  create a nice playlist to be played latter on. I call it the Minimal Media Server, because it’s actually a local HTTP server in … Continue reading

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XML Schema : Elements vs. Attributes

It is fairly common to encounter a task to convert data from a legacy format to XML. Defining the XML schema is one part of the problem. Let’s assume that you want to convert some metadata originally defined in Compact … Continue reading

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Threads in Qualcomm Brew 3.1.5

One of the odd things in Brew is that its multitasking model  is cooperative.  In a cooperative model, the executing task must yield explicitly to the task scheduler so that the scheduler can dispatch another task.  So in addition to … Continue reading

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Notes on Xmx, Xms and Xss JVM memory tuning

A 32 bit JVM process can  have a theoretical max heap size of 4 GB based on simple unsigned arithmetic.  However, it varies according to OS, and most OS limit it to 2-3 GB. [1] The options -Xms, -Xmx configure the available Java Heap … Continue reading

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